Hi my name I s Xxgacha_ kidsxX I post gacha videos. And I love to support other smaller youtubers, I have only 9 subscribers right now and my goal Is to get to 3k subcribers so pls subcribers to my channel and I will subcribe to u back!! I also love to bring  positivity to others and I don't like seein hate anywhere we should NOT bring negative impact on others so let's all be nice to one another. And if you have smothing not nice to say then don't say anything at all. And if you think if someone did like let's say art and you decide to say that's horrible art do better, that's not nice don't say you hate it just give them tips WITHOUT BEING RUDE. So yeah be nice subcribe to me and I will promise you I will subcribe back thank you for reading bai!!
I subbed! My channel is hxney_bee. And I will watch your new videos. :3

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