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I felt like writing this essay of an intro, so here we go:

Hello! I'm your average no-lifer on the autism spectrum. Most of the time each day I just sit there at my PC and my iPhone. My Nintendo Switch that I bought 8 months after launch is currently my most played video game system. My favorite treats are funnel cakes, but I rarely ever come across one in real life.

Back in the golden age of YouTube (2007 when I had my first channel), it was really easy to garner views, subscribers and comments no matter what types of videos we put out. For example, I uploaded a video of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008 that I recorded with a Dazzle DVC100 capture device where it was me using Captain Falcon against Zero Suit Samus in Sonic's stage,  and it would gain over 5,000 views within a few minutes. Fast forward to post 2013 or so, it is no longer like that. Now we have to fight extremely hard for that engagement. It feels like lottery winning odds nowadays. I remember the time when uploads were limited to about 100MB and videos could be no longer than 10 minutes for most channels, until around June of 2010 when the video length restriction was increased to 15 minutes.

Doraemon is my favorite manga and anime series, it's a Japanese cult icon created by Fujiko F.  Fujio. It is about a blue robot cat whose ears were bitten off by a robot mouse, and thus he fears mice. He lives with a lazy boy who wears glasses named Nobita, who's friends with his love interest Shizuka, a spoiled brat named Suneo, and a fat bully named Gian. Doraemon uses tons of secret tools or gadgets from his 4th-dimensional pocket to help Nobita.

The videos I share on YouTube usually consist of Doraemon, games I created in Game Maker, Nintendo Switch games and mods for them, and Streets of Rage ROM Hacks. I used to create Streets of Rage ROM Hacks such as Puyo Wars, Girls' Paradise, Simpsons Edition, Mortal Kombat CX, Sailor Moon and more. In ROM Hacks and mods, we customize games to our liking.

I've recently looked into a mobile game called Gacha Life, where you create your own anime characters. I saw a few channels making videos about that game that have about 100-200K+ subscribers or more, and only registered in circa 2017 or later.

A party game called Doraemon Wii for the Nintendo Wii can grant a YouTube channel cheap views, but it was released only in Japan. However, the Wii (as well as the Wii U's Wii Mode, which is also called vWii) is one of the easiest video game systems to soft mod, allowing it to play games of any region. A Dolphin emulator could also be used to play the game. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the gameplay, especially the motion controls, the game might be worth making videos about for those views. In fact, I prefer the gameplay of the later released Fujiko F. Fujio Party game released for 3DS and Wii U, since for one it doesn't involve motion controls and the  games end at a given number of turns, unlike Doraemon Wii where players race to the finish.

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