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Kelli Christina brings a lot of documentation, proof, and evidence to the table regarding the inside details of the Brad Pitt lawsuit. The case was currently dismissed in Texas over personal jurisdiction matters and stipulations versus the inside claims and allegations. A Texas judge hinted on refiling in California where Brad Pitt resides; decisions on the case moving forward are in process. Kelli is a politician that has worked part time government projects for ten years along-side running her healthcare company. The Brad Pitt lawsuit was launched for a cause and purpose in this country regarding celebrity cooperation towards correcting fan collections. This is a government project Kelli launched with Texas government officials in the summer of 2019; The general idea is attention towards correcting and fixing the celebrity fan collections and systems so that both parties including celebrities and fans might have better future success. The Brad Pitt lawsuit outlines all the laws broken towards the fans within the celebrity networks and fan collections. This lawsuit is being known as: The case of Brad Pitt 50% guilty and Brad Pitt 50% innocent outlined in the discovery.

Fans in this country are being abused, conned, lied, manipulated and their money stolen from the celebrity networks and collectively these systems have not been repaired in years. Every year the problems worsen so new internet laws are being created by the government; it will include new Hollywood laws and controls via social media platforms. We have a lot of activity running “under the radar” that needs some focus and attention for honest fan collections where nobody gets hurt in the process.

For Kelli Christina, the Brad Pitt problems started in March of 2018 and the first Brad Pitt came from Instagram (she thought scam), but he immediately gave her a Los Angeles, CA direct phone line. The phone line was checked with her private security company and confirmed to be Brad Pitt. She would get hit with multiple Brad Pitt’s in the next couple years which immediately raised “red flags.” All collections and illegal activity were reported to the celebrity Brad Pitt starting with Make It Right foundation in the fall 2018.  The real celebrity Brad Pitt ignored communication for a year and a half; Brad and his organizations had the responsibility to investigate the “fake Brad Pitts” and it is literally impossible to get away from the negligence claims. All communication was ignored through Make It Right foundation, Plan B Entertainment, Brad’s home in Los Angeles CA and Brad Pitt’s Beverly Hills CA attorney. Meanwhile, this entire matter was taken seriously with Texas media and Texas government officials since May 2019. Where was Brad Pitt?

In prior articles, it was stated that Kelli Christina was “probably a victim of Catfish.” However, in her discovery there is an investigation ran through Social Catfish and reverse image lookup with Brad Pitt pictures. Social Catfish has an investigation site used in 2019 to verify whether you have a REAL or FAKE imposter, fraud, crook, or scammer. Kelli has 6 original photos of Brad Pitt in her possession where Social Catfish verified the real celebrity. These pictures were never on the internet, so it is not possible for a crook, scammer, or fraud to steal your identity. The investigation verified the real Brad Pitt is involved with some fan collections. This entire case has controversial topics and documentation.

Kelli Christina is trying to make a difference in this country while promoting cooperation on problems with proposed solutions. Like so many other issues in this country, someone must fight for changes; problems do not resolve themselves. Let us fix all the fan collections and celebrity networks for two parties: 1. Celebrities 2. Fans. Kelli spent a couple years researching and running investigations on these fan collection problems to accomplish something. SOLUTIONS that will work for positive changes.

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